Case Study 01


Defining a unifying brand positioning for a newly restructured and repositioned global (re)insurer.

The Business challenge

The client had brought together a number of separate business to create a leading global specialty powerhouse and was looking to maximise the presence of its brand globally. In order to unite these operations and drive the business forward in a single-minded approach to market it was essential that there was a clear brand positioning and call to action that worked both internally and externally.

“ …help achieve clarity and coherence of messaging and understanding”

Our approach

We defined a multi-stage approach in order to create and implement the strongest possible platform for this merger, from which the individual businesses would each benefit, and to which they would all contribute.

Firstly, we embarked on a series of stakeholder interviews with senior underwriter and Board level employees across the regions. In order to capture input for the new positioning from across the company, we also conducted a survey that involved every single employee. These were then analysed with the support of a brand steering committee of employees from across the business.

With the output from these as our platform, we worked closely with senior management to define a new brand positioning for the unified business.

It was essential to ensure that everyone within the company understood the new direction and strategy and the impact of their individual roles, responsibilities and behaviours in that development. To help facilitate this we conducted an internal engagement programme which included a ‘roadshow’ across their markets in the UK and Europe, where the new brand positioning was rolled out via workshops conducted by the senior Gracechurch team.

The results

Working with the senior underwriting team we identified three key aspects for the business and a series of activation plans were then developed for each team.

To ensure that the new positioning and key attributes continues to be actioned within the business we have established a set of external benchmarks. These will be measured going forward with Gracechurch Reports.

From the complexity of a multi-part merger we were able to help achieve clarity and coherence of messaging and understanding. The business was positioned sharply in the marketplace and is now beginning to realise the value of its synergies and opportunities enabling it to compete much more effectively.